In bloom

With spring here I figured now would be the best time to start a new blog.

I have never really been good at introductions, I am normally the girl who sits in the corner and just observes, so let’s see how this blog thing plays out.

I am a thirty-something year old woman, not married (well sort of), no children.  I work full time for an insurance company.  It’s tedious work but I have some amazing co-workers so it makes the job manageable.  Outside of work, I am on the anti-social side.  I would much rather stay home with my DVR and my knitting.  I do go out once in awhile, but I am not into the whole bar scene and most of my friends are married with children, so it’s hard to work around their schedules.

I have been knitting for 5 1/2 years.  I started after my oldest brother passed away.  I needed something to focus on so I wouldn’t have to deal with his death 24/7.  Next thing I knew, knitting took over my soul.  I take it everywhere I go.  I knit on my lunch hour, my breaks, at people’s houses.  Mainly I knit hats and toys, but recently started working on the February Lady Sweater.  I have one more sleeve to go and then it’s just the weaving in ends and blocking before it’s complete. Unfortunately I have no pictures of it right now since I misplaced my camera cord, but once I find it I will show the sweater off.